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1.) Set the Right Price

Overpricing a property is one of the biggest mistakes made by most sellers. The property reaches its peak marketing exposure after about 2-3 weeks. In that period the listing is fresh and the property is most seen by prospective buyers. Sellers sometimes think interested buyers “can always make an offer”, but if the home is overpriced potential buyers looking in a lower price range will never see it. After time passes a price reduction may rejuvenate some interest however some buyers may now be wary if the house has sat on the market for too long.

2.) De-Clutter

A buyer has to be able to picture their own belongings in a room. If the room is full of clutter it makes it very difficult for the buyer to picture the room “as they want it”. Also, clutter distracts the buyer from the features of the home itself.

3.) De-Personalize

When a buyer walks into a home they immediately imagine themselves living in the house. This can be difficult for the buyer if they are looking at the seller’s family photos and personal items.

4.) Consider a Home Stager

Home stagers can transform to appearance and atmosphere of your house making it seem bigger, brighter, and better. First impressions are a lasting impressions, and it’s important to highlight the home’s features, eliminate eye-catching distractions, and create a sense of comfort in the house.

5.) Use Quality Photography

Visual media is probably one the most important element of a home’s marketing. With websites, newspaper ads, (Realtor.ca likely being the first place buyers see your home) it’s important to gain interest from the start. A professional real estate photographer is recommended.

6.) Prepare the House for Showings

First impressions are key to real estate and you only get one shot. Your house should always appear clean and well maintained. Often it’s the small stuff that sellers neglect. Here’s a handy list of these items you should make sure are taken care of before any prospective buyer steps into your house:

  • House number easy to read
  • Eaves troughs, down spouts in good repair
  • Garage/carport clean and tidy
  • Lawn and hedges clean and trimmed
  • Walkways shoveled and salted
  • Entrance mat at front door for shoes
  • Door bell and hardware in good repair
  • Chipped plaster and paint repaired
  • Doors and cupboard properly close
  • Leaky taps/toilets repaired
  • Burned out light bulbs replaced
  • Squeaky doors oiled
  • Mirrors fixtures and taps cleaned and polished
  • Floors cleaned and garbage containers emptied
  • Appliances cleaned
  • Cupboard cleaned and neatly organized
  • Leave all lights turned on for showings
  • Air condition turned on in warm weather
  • Heat turned on in cold weather
  • Fireplace lit in cold weather
  • Drapes opened during daylight
  • Pets absent (where possible) or contained during the showing, and litter boxes cleaned

By following these steps, you have a much better chance of selling your home quickly. The last thing you want is for it to sit on the listings for months, as people will think there’s something wrong with it (or just get tired of seeing it if it’s not the right kind of house for them).


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